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A young woman who goes by the name of Amanda Moore told AmandaLUXE one day, If you listen to your heart and the intricacy of your dreams, your mind will follow suit. All of my dreams are abstract and detailed. I frequently remember them verbatim and I begin to analyze them throughout the day. One of my favorite dreams was when I was sitting on an office desk looking at the rain hit my window. A woman walked in and showed me photographs of midiskirts and asked "Which one?"
I smiled and pointed to the one on the left. As she left the room, I turned and looked in front of me at a white canvas portrait of just the words TOPMAN. I woke up instantly and started to smile. I had this dream when I was a sophomore in college.

Since my second semester of my sophomore year at Howard University, I dreamed of being a Merchandising Director for TOPMAN in London, UK. Unfortunately, I pursued a degree in Accounting and by the time I found myself, the merchandising program at my school was omitted from the Fine Arts department. Of course I was mortified and decided to dread my way through the rest of my college career as an accounting major; receiving a below 3.0 grade point average.

I'm not afraid of the chase. There's a reason why I went into school to receive my Bachelor's in Business Administration. There's a reason why I didn't have the luxury to switch my major to International Business with a minor in Fashion Merchandising. God had something better for me in store. He acknowledged my aspirations and altered the series of events in my lifestyle to what He sought best.

With that being said, my application to the London College of Fashion to receive my Postgraduate Certificate in Fashion Buying & Merchandising is currently under consideration for me to start in January 2014. Along with that amazing news, I begin my first day at TOPMAN tomorrow in Chicago.

Moral of this story: Please don't neglect your dreams.

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