Amanda. (pronounced uh-man-duh) a non-finite verb. Deserving to be loved.
Luxe. (pronounced lucks) n. The condition of being elegantly sumptuous; a luxury.
From a small town outside of Chicago, IL, Amanda (20 somethin' years young fashion business grad) continues to embark on a journey towards psychological freedom as she commences to fall in love with the many faces of Fashion, Beauty, Literature and Music along the way.

She allows various outlets of fashion, beauty, and music to be her therapeutic solutions and serve as tools for artistic expression. This blog is a product of those expressions.

Amanda is an alumna of Howard University where she received her BBA in Accounting and an alumna of London College of Fashion where she received her Postgraduate Cert in Fashion Buying and Merchandising.

"If you listen to your heart and the intricacy of your dreams, your mind will follow suit."
A young woman addicted to sumptuous elegance.

Contact Information:
Email: moore.style@amandaluxe.com


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