What is the purpose of AMANDALUXE.BLOGSPOT?
"To promote the importance of self-expression and self-efficacy one article at a time."

The concept of this blog is to market my aspiring fashion consulting business in a more informal way. It's a place where the Creative Guru (that'd be me) of the brand can roll up the sleeves of her white-collared shirt, lay back on the couch and talk to you (the reader) as if you were the therapist.

The home site of my creative directing portfolio. It's the core to my business.

Why the name, AMANDALUXE?
Amanda is a latin name with the meaning, "deserving to be loved." Luxe is an adjective that mean "elegantly sumptuous." Keeping the purpose of the brand in mind, I wanted the name to be something that everyone can find empowering but still personalized. To me, AMANDALUXE means no matter what societal standards tell you what you should do and how you should look, you are God's creation. Embrace your individuality while simultaneously exuding confidence and poise; you deserve it.

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