Over the past weekend, I participated in a photo shoot for a great new friend, Marquelle Turner, for his creative project - The New Stereotype: QUEEN Edition. There was so much creative energy, great vibes and amazing people. Everyone believed in the concept behind the project and was extremely cooperative. I have to say it was an honor being selected to be apart of the project. Marquelle (hope he's reading) is truly an inspiration and I'm glad I know the guy. His creative mind and drive is mad encouraging; it made me stop and think "Well, Amanda, what are you doing?"

So, what am I doing? What happened to my drive and determination to become a Creative Enthusiast? Why do I keep making up excuses for not being consistent with my postings? With everything that has happened to me over the past few months, I gradually started to lose my moxie. I lost my job right before relocating, my diet was irregular, I was diagnosed with anxiety and mild depression, the list I tell you! As much as I wanted to publish about NYFW, aspiring artists and my fashion illustrations, I stopped believing in the blog. I started to feel like people only saw AMANDALUXE as a blog and not understanding my mission to make it a creative brand. I feel like I'm only publishing because my blog lacks substance. I thought about just letting it go. Then the same guy I find inspiring told me one day, "If anyone hasn't told you, I'm proud of you."

I've built my relationship with Christ and I call on Him everyday. I ask Him for signs and to order my steps. I truly believe He led me straight to this weekend where I was surrounded by creative minds who filled that emptiness; that lack of moxie. I've been recharged with so much energy and I've missed it!

The point of this post is to announce the official deactivation of DOT BLOGSPOT. I will be building my creative portfolio to launch it as a website on a different platform (probably as DOT COM). I have been with this blog for three years now and it's been a pleasure writing these posts. (Some of my posts might transfer over to my new site though). Something that started off as just a "outlet toward psychological freedom" turned into something where I posted my thoughts, my views; a site I truly love and care about. But I think it's time. It's time to recharge, rebrand and rebuild the brand before I can accomplish my goals. Thank you to all of my friends, family and fellow bloggers who have subscribed to this blog! This isn't a goodbye to AMANDALUXE. This is more like "I'll catch you later."

But damn. Goodbye, DOT BLOGSPOT.

-Amanda Moore-Karim

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