Bound to falling in love || UAL anticipation

I successfully made my way to DC to pack up my apartment and officially accepted my offer from London College of Fashion! Life feels grand right now and I'm continuing to work until I'm weary in order to reach my goals! This post is to brief you of said goals:

Current -- Sales Advisor with Topshop; Stylist with AKIRA
Move to London -- February 2014
Fashion Buying program -- 16 weeks
Goal by the end of program -- Become a member of the Buying team for Topman in England
Goal by this time next year -- Assistant Buyer for Topman

Here are some photographs that have inspired me to continue dreaming...

Sidenote! If you would like to donate to my fundraising for school, you can do that by going to my About page and clicking on the Donate button via PayPal! Every dollar is appreciated!

Stay stylish.

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