Sorry For The Wait!

Well this is really awkward...

I cannot even remember the last time I opened the "New Post" tab and allowed my fingers to linger over the keyboard. Oh was April 2014. (Oops.)

After I started working at Topman in Oxford Circus while overseas, my life became rather hectic. I became extremely broke, traveled to Lisbon, almost fell in love, went back to school, became ill from work and schoolwork, yelled at a few people, had a handful of mellow dramatic breakdowns, the list goes on forever! I allowed life in the blogging world to get away from me and many friends thought I ditched the entire concept of AMANDALUXE. Honestly, for the two months I wasn't blogging, I felt the same way. I understand I was preoccupied with making sure I didn't lose my job and didn't fail the course, but there's always time to show my entrepreneurial product some attention. Yes, my computer crashed and I had no time in my schedule, blah blah. Excuse are...?

If you all haven't picked up on it, I finished my course at London College of Fashion! I received a Merit overall (which is the 3.0 equivalent to my American readers). I was extremely pleased with this accomplishment--I guess the mellow drama and sleepless nights paid off. I returned back to the countryside of Cook County in the Southwest Suburbs about 19 days ago. It's been rather peaceful being at home. Plus, I feel a sense of security being able to hold my mother whenever I feel down.

I'm currently applying within the Fashion Buying/Merchandising field. I know it is going to take time and I'm allowing God to take full control of my life. I'm excited for my next chapter in life, yet a bit sad I had to end the previous one. It's hard to let such an amazing experience like that go. I studied a semester at one of the most elite liberal arts schools and worked at the largest fashion retailer in the world. I feel like I've been dreaming for the past four months and now I've woken up with the degree. :)

Sorry for the wait. LUXE is back.

Thanks for reading.


PS. I have dope pics! Enjoy.

First Design for Final Integrated Project

 Door Entry to Graduate Fashion Week

Designs by Victoria Horden
Manchester School of the Arts
Graduate Fashion Week

Designs by Adele McNair
Manchester School of the Arts
Graduate Fashion Week

Holiday in Lisbon, Portugal 

 Natural History Museum

Random Vinyl Cultured Chic on The Tube

Group 4
(Consisting of 5)

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