You Can't Sit With Us: Society Manipulating the Self-Image

We have Hipsters and Preppy Kids, Gothics and Trendy Fashionistas, The Well Suited with exotic bow ties and socks; I could keep going but my whole post would be nothing but classifications.

That's exactly what society is; A lunchroom filled with cliques and clubs. You have to fit in somewhere in order to not sit by yourself, so you better choose your image wisely...unless you want to be an "individualist" but even those cats have their own table. Society makes you pick a personality and a lifestyle in order to classify you just like technology hinders you from actually interacting with your friends at the dinner table. And we all know one's personality and lifestyle can be determined by their fashion and style (that was a given though). So yes, personal style is manipulated by societal standards and social groups. 

To me, self-image should be discovered by the party; not classified. We're all trying to fit in somewhere with someone so we won't be alone and I just can't get with it. Yes, we're all influenced by something. I can admit that I'm influenced by Rihanna's ratchet tendencies, Erykah Badu's rebellion and Janelle Monae's bubbly personality and style. That doesn't mean we should let that inspiration take over who we are as an individual. Be yourself and express it with style! Who cares if the rest of the world looks at you side-eyed when you walk in the room. Once they see you love yourself, they will follow suit.

Then again, who really cares. Happiness begins and ends with YOU.

The question(s) I'd like to discuss is(are): If we're all classified by a sociogroup, then how does individualism survive? How does it even exist? Has classified fashion sabotaged us as artists?

Feel free to comment, I'd like to get the discussion going.

Thanks for reading :)


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