PSA: Fashion Illustrations will now become the center of my blog's existence; AMANDALUXE DOT BLOGSPOT will be my primary marketing tool for the rebranding of AMANDALUXE as a fashion brand specializing in creative direction. For the next couple of months, my illustrations will cover topics such as reappropriation of Black American culture, unity amongst all, independence of women, and embracing positive self image - remember My Images Dope?

Tonight, I'd like to talk about a man. A righteous black man with a righteous idea.

Now, I steer away from talking about racial politics on social media because the oppression of my people makes me angry. The constant stereotypes of my black man perceived by non-Black American culture make me sad. The cynical spin on the idea of "Black Lives Matter" by those who don't understand infuriates me! I know my black man is strong, intelligent and versatile. I know what it truly means to be a strong black woman. I know that Black is Beautiful. I know!! Yet, I keep quiet in case my delivery is taken the wrong way. I understand keeping quiet isn't the way at all. With Fashion Illustrations as my primary tool for building my brand, I plan to take a powerful approach to addressing racial politics. Along with other topics important to me so please stay tuned.

In the meantime, a fellow gentleman in my network has already begun to tackle the subject at hand. A couple days ago, I came across a post of his on my Facebook News Feed that caught my attention. A project proposal that will paint the real image of the Elegant Man. The Black Man.  

He calls his project, The New Stereotype

"I've never been the most political person and with all that's transpired in the US as of late I have kept my sentiments on the low. What I do know is that I love being black and I'm very proud to be a black man. The image that is often painted of us is not inclusive of all of us and only represents just a few. Black men are also educated, well-traveled, cultured, spiritual, generous, considerate, diverse, focused, and optimistic. This is the beginning of a project called "The New Stereotype." My goal is to use imagery to highlight the diversity and strength of the black man."  - M.Turner-Gilchrist 

This picture is what I imagine when I think of The Elegant, Black Man. I am truly excited for this young man's project. Officially a fan.

-Amanda Moore-Karim

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