Transforming Orange into Gold.

As I play the mixtape, Nostalgia, Ultra, my girl screams with excitement. I'm immediately annoyed and looked at her with this crazy look on my face. In my head I'm thinking: It better be good.

She goes on to tell me that Frank Ocean's channel ORANGE went Gold! I respond with a scream as well.

Frank Ocean, the free spirited, aggravatingly awesome artist, has been awarded Certified Gold for selling over 50K copies of his Debut Album, channel ORANGE. Along with this certification, he has been nominated for six Grammy Awards (including Best Album and Best Artist) which will be announced this year at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards Ceremony on Sunday, February 10th.

For all of you who don't know, I am absolutely infatuated with Frank Ocean. From American Wedding to Crack Rock, Ocean's musicality proficiency, intricate profound poetry, and soothing vocal chords have ensured me that there are still artists in this modern day and age that still believe in artistic expression. I appreciate Frank Ocean for the lonely nights when I wanted to be left alone and the other nights when I wanted to just open my laptop and write. You were right there playing through my distorted speakers of my MacBook Air. And as I type this, I still listen to Nostalgia, Ultra. You probably will never see this but I want to congratulate you on your Certified Gold. You're an amazing inspiration.

"The color ORANGE reminds me of the summer when I fell in love. Aw." - Frank Ocean

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