Making Love into a Suit: Knock Offs

Fake Fendi, Fake Gucci, Fake Dior, Fake Chanel;
Knock Offs annoy me and I know how to spot them very well!
When it comes to you, you look like the real thing;
The epitome of a caretaker of women, the exemplification of cool.
However, my Knock Off radar will not allow me to be fooled.
The label looks real but the serial number is absent;
Oh you thought you had me; guess you had no idea I knew you were made of plastic!
Give me authentic material, nothing man made;
I need something real, something to add to my display.
Artificial and dingy. Why do yo even try?
Maybe to some women, you look dope; to me, you're a bold face lie.
Fake Betsey, Fake Steve Madden, Bad Burberry and Jimmy Choo;
How dare you try to mimic my favorite designer shoe!
You were found at a corner store boutique in Italy, so it must be true!
No, fool, you're a knock off. Sorry to tell you.
Don't call me, don't come over, never send me any mail;
Because baby, you're a Knock Off, and I know how to spot one very well.

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