Shower me in Silk

What's that there? It looks like a shopping bag from Allsaints Spitafields! This could only mean one thing...yes, ladies and gentleman. I have found my graduation dress for Howard's Commencement! Please pay attention:

While in the store, Bola and I came across this luxe leather jacket which was like 800$. From that one jacket I said to myself, this store is overpriced which means no one I know shops here regularly. Therefore, I MUST buy my graduation dress from here! (Please don't judge my logic).

I came across a gorgeous teal dress made of 100% silk for 248$. The other dress was an asymmetric floral dress priced the same and made from the same amount of silk. Below you will find a glimpse of both dresses:
After trying on both dresses, I had to think about my personality. I'm a bubbly, personable free spirited individual who loves to run with the wild. I like simple things that I can create into bold masterpieces. From this analysis, I decided to get the dress below:

Shower Me in Silk.

Below is a picture of the runner up. Still 100% fabulous.


  1. OMG I adore the blue dress in the 6th pic!! You look absolutely lovely!

    1. Thanks suga! The two pictures is actually the same dress! One is tied with the bow in the front and the other in the back.


  2. O.M.G. I love the teal dress!! What a beautiful colour and silhouette!