Project Dream: The Struggling Black Artist

I'm creating a photography series. Called The Struggling Black Artist. Basically, it's an illustration of my model venture. The joy, the anger, the pain, and the hope. I'll post the project in series. I hope you all like it.

The Struggling Black Artist
34-27-34. 5'9 with an exotic face. One problem: I'm black.
My skin is what penalizes me from being behind Nigel Barker's camera. My African facial features is what hinders me from getting passed a casting call. My boyish figure is what keeps me away from ever being a live mannequin for John Galliano or Marc Jacobs.

So why do I try? Why am I still dreaming? Am I crazy?

Yes. Yes I am. I'm a maniacal aspiring model who is destined for greatness. And this is my story.
Signed, The Struggling Black Artist.

Series I: Joy
Series II: Angst
Series III: Despair
Series IV: Hope

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