Hair Inspiration: Summer 2013

It's been nineteen (19) months since I made the natural hair transition! It's been somewhat of a struggle and I believe I found out the issue:

I get bored with my hair EASILY. So I always dyed it different colors, I even put a texturizer in my hair (yes..don't judge me. It was my mother's suggestion. haha)! :P

Neither here nor there, my hair is at a standstill due to my neglect. So, I recently dyed it black (again.) and am wearing a high top afro. For some reason, I'm not pleased. It could be due to the fact that the sides of my hair are straight and the rest of my hair is coarse (stupid hair pattern!)

I've been inspired to cut the sides of my hair low to where it's coarse and rock the Kid High Top Fade with a little flare! Here's some pictures below I have been inspired by. (Especially the first & second one)

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