Where's Gatsby? With Tiffany!

Of course my summer has been hectic as I've been enrolled in two summer courses while launching my styling business with Keaton Row. However, I received my Vogue June 2013 subscription two weeks ago via mail and finally received a chance to read!

While looking over the glamorous travels of these marvelous individuals, I came across a glorious discovery: Tiffany&Company's new jewelry collection!

The Great Gatsby Collection. It's a collection of pearls resembling the style of the 1930s. Along with the necklace and hand ornament, comes the Savory Headpiece Daisy Buchanan wore in the new released film (based off of one of my FAVORITE books) The Great Gatsby.They're very delicate and exquisite and I was in awe when I turned the page.

Unfortunately, my graduation money won't be able to fund such a luxurious gift. In due time...

In the meantime, here's a quick video about the jewelry used in The Gatsby film!

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