I'd Choose a New Pair of Shoes over You.

At age 23 in 2015, you're in an interesting place. Some of your friends want to party hard and do drugs, others are independents who are focused on their careers, most are settled and having children-getting married-falling in love. The last one is the most obnoxious. Falling in love: Finding that special someone to share the rest of your life with-the one that makes you whole. An individual who connects to the soul. Someone who can make you so happy and so angry in the same week, even night, it drives you crazy. So romantic, it's hopeless.

Nah, baby. I'd choose a new pair of shoes over struggling with you. Platforms that are 2 inches with a chunky 5inch heel; stomping in your grandmother's couch. Suede. Shoes that I trust won't give out on me. Shoes that I feel confident in and sexy. Shoes I only have to wear for one night and put them away until the next epic one. Shoes that don't hurt.

Romance is too much work. Emotions I can't control hit the horizon, actions you do bother me, being let down with words you've whispered in my ear, having sex--it's exhausting.  Putting up with your flaws is more tiring than walking around in heels for 9 hours; dealing with blisters from partying in narrow shoes is easier than wondering the real reason why our plans are being canceled.  Shoes don't make me anxious or complicate things--they just make me feel good. I don't have to beg shoes to be loyal to me; I don't have to change shoes. I bought them just the way I like.

Yeah, baby. I'd choose a new pair of shoes over struggling with you.

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Ps. I got my computer back xx

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