Thursday, January 15th, 2015 marks the day I began my relationship with a new lover. 
            Stunning, chic, and classic.

As you all know, I work at Saks as a Selling Specialist in Contemporary Womenswear (Vince, Helmut Lang, Marc by Marc Jacobs, all trendy merchandise).  There was a B1G2 blowout sale for womenswear and women's outerwear and as much as I prefer not to give my money back to my workplace, I had to buy this baby.

My new lover is a Calvin Klein Red Wool Long-line Coat

With a Shell of 59% Wool, 39% Polyester and 9% Rayon, I take this baby every wear I go. She is everything a fashionable gal like me could ask for. As soon as it lays on my shoulders, I immediately feel so bossy. The confidence instilled in me is impeccable; it must be because it's red.

Side note: The lining of the coat is 100% Polyester, Color: Ash Grey

It isn't often I follow the fashion blog wave and blog about my possessions. However, there's something special about this coat. It must be the boldness of color; it speaks volumes when color blocked against black and mustard yellow.  I didn't realize how much it had an impact on my self-esteem until I went to Brooklyn the weekend of Martin Luther King Day to visit friends. The entire time I wore it, Feeling Myself x Nicki Minaj and Beyonce played in my head.  There was definitely an aura. In the most humble of auras. (hahahaha).

I felt good. And it was noted with every smirk.

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