"Teach Me The Ways of The Head Wrap" - Jackie Owens

A special guy sent me a special gift sealed inside a special package from Accra, Ghana back in July 2014. What was in that package? Seven righteous West African fabrics with bold patterns and vibrant colors. Originally, I went to JoAnns to buy some patterns because I really wanted to make high-waisted shorts and a flared pleated skirt with the fabrics! Unfortunate news, the yards were a little too short for me to make clothes with all of them. Not so unfortunate news, I made the remaining fabrics into some really chic head wraps! It's amazing how these fabrics can add such flare to a simple outfit! I have had a lot of fun with these. Thanks, special guy!!

The question is: How do you turn woven West African fabrics into head wraps? Bantu Knot it of course! Four easy steps: Wrap, Twist, Wrap, & Tuck... I make it sound so simple right? :P

As requested by one of my closest friends, Jackie Owens, this post is to show you The Ways of The Head Wrap. Below I have posted four different colors:

Wrap #1: MUSTARD




Wrap #3: ORANGE

Wrap #4: PINK | GREEN

Whenever I get down time, I'll finally finish the shorts and post them on here as well.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. love it!! great post!

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