Why Net-A-Porter rules the Future of Fashion

How far do you think you've come in 15 years? You can grow and learn so much about who you are as an individual in 15 years. If you're 21 years old interning at a consulting firm, you have the potential to become the Vice President of the company by 36. Don't believe me? Take a look at Net-A-Porter:

The online luxury retailer was launched in June 2000 and has made some of the greatest accomplishments I have ever witnessed! It's literally the world's leading premier luxury online retailer to ever hit the world wide web.  For my viewers who are not hip, if you go shopping on this site, you will be completely overwhelmed! I'm talking every luxury brand you can think of is located on this website (from Alexander McQueen to Roberto Cavalli to Versace!).  Their fashion publication, Porter, was launched nothing but a year ago and is recognized as a 'fashion authority' for luxury advertisement, as stated by Vice President of Publishing and Media for The Edit and Porter, Tess Macleod-Smith. 

Personally, I'm obsessed with how technologically advanced this business is. Their virtual community is quite breathtaking--they have a live portal that showcases how many shoppers are online currently across the globe and what was recently purchased IN. REAL. TIME. My obsession over Net-A-Porter began with a presentation at London College of Fashion for a new app the company was implementing for their brother brand, Mr. Porter. The presentation was so interactive and engaging--I couldn't look away. 

The question is: why am I praising Net-A-Porter so much? Technology, of course.  This new tech savvy generation allows us, as consumers, to stay ahead of the bricks and mortar retail game. We can compare prices online while in store and find alternative products for lower prices. Technology makes everything faster and more convenient; we'll need for fashion retailers to get on board with the rest of us. Net-A-Porter has done just that; creating a community where we, the consumer, can have an interactive experience while shopping.  We aren't impressed with visual fixtures in stand alone shops anymore. We want to see something different, something innovative. We need smartphone apps, virtual catwalk shows on websites, and a new Twitter account to follow. 

The CEOs of online retailers, ASOS and Nasty Gal, have caught on to the secret as well and look how great business for them is! I believe in a few years time, online retailing will take over the industry and there won't be any room left in the competitive market for bricks and mortar retailing.  By the time this prediction comes to surface, Net-A-Porter will be way ahead of it all.

I've applied to this company at least seven times, I can't imagine the amount of applications they receive. Haha

Anyway, thanks for reading.

Amanda. x

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