Brooklyn, let's begin.

Hey kids! First off, I want to thank everyone who has followed the AMANDALUXE blog up to this point. Your support is always appreciated :)

Some of you guys already know this (others don't) but I recently moved to Flatbush, Brooklyn earlier this week to begin my journey into the fashion corporate world! Currently I'm sitting in a local coffee shop, Blessings: Herbs & Coffee, applying my little soul away and seeking job leads. For the most part, I've been pretty productive in my search. Apply to a position, find a new person to connect with via LinkedIn, find a new Fashion networking event, repeat. As far as my posting situation goes, I plan to post every Tuesday and Thursday. I'm hoping I can keep it up.

With that said, I'll see you guys on Tuesday. I'm ready for you, BK. Let's begin.

Amanda Moore

Ps. Blessings has this great Garlic Sautéed Spinach sandwich with eggs and goat cheese on ciabatta. LAWD.

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