I Can't Believe I Wasn't There: Marc Jacobs on Mercer

Yesterday was such an exhausting day. It rained early in the morning and I had to bike home from BedStuy around 7:30. All I wanted to do was wrap myself in a towel and fall asleep for the rest of the day.

Of course, I couldn't. Around 11:30, I had to wake back up and get ready to head to 59 Street on the 5 train for an interview-it was an interesting one to say the least. The weather was humid on Madison Avenue, the subways lacked oxygen and a guy kept asking me how I get my hair to stand the way it does...Running around in my Dolce Vita booties had me completely drained and all I could think about was my air mattress in Flatbush, Brooklyn. So as I was on the train, some very insane news occurred and I. Was. Livid.

My favorite contemporary wear designer, Marc Jacobs, showcased his Resort 2016 collection yesterday morning around 9am (the same time I was snoozing my life away) at his Mercer Street store location. Due to the limited space, the runway had to continue onto Mercer Street (the same time I was snoozing my life away).

Looking on Style and WWD, it looked like an amazing collection; a continuation of his Fall/Winter 15/16 collection. I've always enjoyed the intricate craftsmanship of Marc Jacobs' pieces and this Resort 2016 collection granted me indefinite life. The large brooch-like embellishments, the circular and floral shaped embroideries, the minimal color palettes of red, white, and black-I Can't Believe I Wasn't There.

Life has been extremely stressful but missing this show gave me a huge migraine. I wish I had actual street footage for you guys. Since I wasn't there (and still can't believe it), I have included some photographs of my favorite pieces.

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