Kate Spade takes flight!

WWD.com magazine released images last week from Kate Spade's Resort 2016 collection. The pieces made me smile due to their colorful striped design. The design was described, Roxanne Robinson, editor at WWD, as a kite motif. The collection also included monochrome striped designs and the use of raw denim. My favorite looks would have to be the white A-line dress with the black bow detailing, a monochrome striped shirt dress, and a colorful A-line skirt accompanied by a peter-pan collared white shirt with bow detailing.

It has definitely been a pleasure to watch Kate Spade as a company. From their partnership with Everpurse to create the functional iPhone charging handbag (collection released this fall) to their cut-throat business decision to halt the selling of their merchandise in department stores, Kate Spade is doing a great job in reshaping their image as a high end fashion brand; targeting to only young affluent women.

Kate Spade's aesthetic has always, in my opinion, been the whimsical, bold 26 year old woman who exudes sophistication, elegance, and style. A young woman who loves to get away and knows how to have a great time. This Resort 2016 collection is an illustration of just that.

Below are photographs of my favorite pieces listed above. Thank you, Deborah Lloyd, for such a heart-pounding collection!

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