The Eclectic Conservative: Less is More, More is a Great Suitor

I would say I have an extremely bold but serene sense of style. Depending on my mood, I can switch it up. Some days, you can catch me wearing a plain cream short-sleeved, forward-point collared blouse with excessive bangles on both wrists while other days I could wear tribal printed tights with a clashing blouse along with minimal accessories (possibly clip on earring or studs and silver bracelets or a silver necklace). I'm never opposed to self-expression through dress while exuding confidence. To me, that is exactly what style is.

So as a business student with an eclectic shock, how would I dress for a day in the office or for an interview with KPMG? I thought you'd never ask!

Unfortunately, I have to tone it down a tad for corporate America. In order for me to get my foot in the door and receive that offer from the company of my dreams (*cough* Gap, Incorporated *cough*), there are basic modern practices I must follow. I know. It sucks. However, you can still be plain and stylish.

Once you receive that email from that company, feel free to embrace your eclectic conservatism. In the meantime, we will start from the beginning:

Business Professional: The Perfect Suit.

 Less is more and more is a great suitor. There's nothing wrong with being a minimalist. It exemplifies poise and creates a positive perception of you as a great applicant. Especially when you're trying to impress the uptight conservative. Ladies, the most appropriate (and safe) route you all should take when choosing what to wear to an interview is a standard business suit. Nothing too bold or flashy. Simplicity is key: A plain black, navy blue, or grey suit--brown or sage if you're daring like myself. Since we no longer live in the 1960s, you can choose between a skirt suit or pants suit. Whatever makes you feel confident and well-suited.

Pants suits: Should be appropriately fitted. European styled suits should be saved for an evening out rather than meeting with the Human Resources Representative for Johnson&Johnson.
The blazer of the suit should be comfortably fitted and the sleeves should rest on your wrists. The white (yes, white) blouse should be no more than a half an inch longer than your blazer jacket.
The pants of the suit should fit the same way--comfortably. The length of the pants should be an inch longer than the ankles, leaving room for the pants to rests fairly on your ankles while wearing heels.

Skirt suits: Fitting resembles a pants suit. The most important thing to pay attention to is the length and fitting of the skirt. The skirt should be 2 inches below the knees but an inch above the knees is pushing it but acceptable. With a skirt suit, a woman should always wear tights. Personally, I like to wear black sheer but it's rather common for women to wear nude tights to an interview. Just cover up those legs for professional purposes.
Things to Remember

  • Make sure your heels compliment your choice of suit color. Black or Grey: Wear black heels; Blue: Wear navy blue heels; Brown: Wear nude or taupe colored heels
  • Make sure your blouse is not cut too low in the chest area
  • If you decide to wear a brooch, it should be located on the left side lapel of your jacket. Nothing too gaudy that would cause a distraction
  • Jewelry should be simple. A silver necklace with a couple silver bracelets with matching earring posts will do justice.

The Don't's 

  • Refrain from buying suit jackets that have flashy buttons. It can come off as unprofessional
  • Do not wear heels over three inches
  • Do not wear patent leather heels! Standard heels will suffice
Less is More, More is a great suitor. Be on top of your game at all times.

Signed, The Eclectic Conservative

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