Bring it in with style

For New Year's Eve, a few girls of mine and I decided to take over the city of Chicago. From casual to festive apparel, it was shut down by our presence.

This year, I decided to go with a more jazzy but subtle look to bring in the New Year. Usually, I like to have a focal point in my outfit. Whether it'd be patent leather red heels by Aldo or a Calvin Klein Sequin Blazer, there is always one article in my outfit that people will notice the most while the rest of my outfit are complimentary items. This year, I chose the focal point to be a Fox Fur Vest.

Happy New Year!
Bodycon Turtle Neck: American Apparel. Festive Dress: Indy Boutique. Shoes: Sam Edelmon.
Fox Fur Vest: Express. Jewelry: Vintage. Smoker's Gloves: TJMaxx.



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