Fun Time w/ Jack Oh: Retail Paradise.

Everyone has some amount of stress. Distress or Eustress, human beings grow through a certain amount of painful anxiety. People need to learn how to let loose and found their outlet of relaxation and serenity. We all need therapeutic solutions.

As an individual who enjoys exploring the arts, I am never opposed to people finding an artistic outlet for therapeutic solutions. Whether it'd be to listen to music, dance around the room, or watch musicals and plays, art is the most fabulous way to let go of all your troubles. It's rather soothing and gets one in tuned with their artistic self-expression. Personally, shopping has always been my therapeutic solutions.

Shopping is the one moment when I can let go of all my problems, dilemmas, and situations. I'm engaged in an activity that I love most. Shopping encourages me to express myself as an artist. If that makes sense. If not, the next sentence might...
Retail is my paradise; the one time that I can escape from my realities and feel at peace.

This time, I asked Jack Oh! to join me. She understands me and my thoughts. I understand her. So together we embarked on an awkward girl adventure. Enjoy. 

Akira Chicago - State Street


American Apparel

Last but not least. Toshop Topman. Jack Oh's never been to an actual store, so she was a tad overwhelmed by its glory.


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