My little piece of London.

Topman is a men's clothing company that originated in the Greater Area of London, UK. 

It's sister store, Topman, is my mistress. 

The United States only has three established Topshop Topman locations: 
Soho in New York, NY
 The Mile in Chicago
Las Vegas, NV
in that order. 

If you didn't know, I have been obsessed for as long as I can remember.

The merchandise they sell are rather eccentric and funky. Clothing, accessories, jewelry, and shoes that allow you an exciting and exhilarating shopping experience.

 Topshop Topman gives you the opportunity to unleash your creativeness by imagining how you could wear it, where you can wear it, and what you could wear it with.

It's an outlet for self-expression.

As I begin to alter my closet's content and tweak my style a tad, I have come across a few items that I feel will contribute to my plans:

Bodycon dresses.
Crazy Printed Blouses.
Funky Suit Dresses.


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