Coco Rocha

Ever since I started taking my future career in the modeling industry more seriously, I haven't really paid attention to other super models. It was almost like a vendetta that I had because I'm trying to get where they're already at. Luckily, I decided for myself that it is best for me to examine the models of today so that I can study their work for tips. Ladies and Gentleman, I have found a girl that has been in the game for awhile now. Coco Rocha!

Coco Rocha. A 23 year old 5ft 10 Canadian super model. 33-24-34. Her photographs are an exemplification of creativity and intricacy, and her eccentric face can be an inspiration to all. Career starting in 2004, Coco Rocha is an editorial model that lives the life that I have yearned for. 

How did I discover this adorable creature? Twitter of course! She randomly popped up on my timeline from a Retweet and I absolutely adored the avi. I had to check her out! Yes, I have compulsive behavior and sometimes I can come off as a weirdo. But honestly, sometimes being obsessive can't be THAT bad. 
This is the ad that I saw when I decided I have to research and study this individual. Each photograph is wreaks of personality. To know that she is going to be one of the main judges for Naomi Campbell's new show, The Face, along with Karolina Kurkova and Nigel Barker, it makes me excited for the show!

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