'Boots' is my favorite hobby

What are your favorite type of shoes? Could it be pumps? Maybe combat boots or baby doll flats. Possibly some oxfords or penny loafers.. So many choices. Are you striving for comfort or are you merely focusing on looking fabulous? Heels maybe?

Knee High Boots. Oxford heels. Platforms. Wedges. Pick your poison.

Shoes are like hobbies. There are a variety of shoes to choose from but you have to choose which pair of shoes is best for you; where your interests lie or what matches best with your personality or what makes you happy.

Personally, my favorite shoes of all time are boots (shocking right?). Combat boots, Knee Highs, Cowboy boots, boot flats, you name it! They are all distinguishable. They all can be differentiated and worn for separate occasions. In the end, it's still the same shoe.

I love to dance. Dancing is my outlet. I've been dancing since I was four years young and although I no longer train, I still find myself twirling around my living room to the smooth vibes of The Pointer Sisters, Janelle Monae, Erykah Badu, and Jill Scott. I like to dance. In boots. Hip Hop in my combat boots; clubbing in my Knee Highs; country dancing in my cowboy boots; and whatever floats my boat in my boot flats. There is something about boots that makes me feel funkadelic. There is something about dance that soothes and calms my nerves. Boots--I mean dancing--I mean boots is my all time favorite hobby.


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