Food for Thought.

Imagine that this world that we live in were surreal. As if we were in an extensive slumber and have no idea that everything we think we're going through were just a dream that was beyond our control. A lie. Imagine that we were inanimate objects. As if we were someone's baby doll that is played with after a school day. Or a character that a writer created to be apart of their storybook.

Usually at this time (while suffering from insomnia), I start having uncanny thoughts. I'm an over-analyst that tries to evaluate life and understand why things happen for a reason. Why are we given the examination before we learn the lesson? Why are we challenged everyday with dilemmas and ethical lapses? How can just one individual construct what a reasonable person standard really is and influence the rest of society? Whose values are the true elements of morality?

Why is it when we go to sleep it feels like we are machines that are manually turned off--as if we were MacBooks?

We live in an interesting world. We are controlled by forces that test our strength, serenity, courage, and wisdom. We are nothing but wooden puppets wanting to come to life. We want to break free from the surreal. But unfortunately, it is not up to us. It's up to Him what are destiny will be. He already has a map drawn out for us to complete. It's up to us to conquer the impractical and what he Has in store. We are products of God.

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