Julia shops at Debenham's :)

Yesterday morning at 11.00, the class had to present our Consumer Profile boards to our instructor, Sarah Walls. We all were previously assigned to do market research on the Principles by Ben De Lisi brand (brands now housed by Debenhams) segmented into groups and create mood boards/pen portraits for our customer. Below I present to you, our consumer, Julia:

From thorough research and intense mystery shopping, the four of us (Lorna, Chloe, Juhi and myself) were able to collectively contribute to the illustration and description of our customer! Some things were spot on, others not so much (Please believe Sarah let us know where we were off :P). Below is the Pen Portrait of Julia:

'Julia is a 45 year old education consultant who lives in a two bedroom flat in Notting Hill Gate with her 9 year old son, and drives a Nissan Figaro. She is a strong, confident independent who exudes elegance and class. She loves meeting up with girlfriends for coffee and tea time! Her hobbies include gardening, socialising, reading, interior decorating her home and traveling to warm climate places such as Grenada, Spain and Italy. She is responsible when it comes to her appearance as evident by her investment in high quality beauty brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Clinique & ESTÉE LAUDER. She is a responsible and healthy eater, however, she seldom times indulges in cakes and sweets. She loves shopping Principles by Ben De Lisi for their style and quality. Other shops she loves are Jigsaw, Jaeger, and Hobbs. If money wasn't a concern, she would shop at Chanel and/or Prada. She loves cooking for her son and enjoys grocery shopping at Waitrose and Sainsbury.'

Please also find below the consumer profile boards the other groups created!

 All of the boards came out great and yesterday had to be one of my most favorite lectures thus far. It's crazy to know I've been a graduate student for a month now. I've learned so much about the UK fashion retail sector I never imagined learning in a matter of four weeks. I'm extremely excited to see what else this course has in store!

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