I love how the Internet works. It allows me to stay connected with friends, stay updated with the latest trends, and discover some the most inspirational underground artists. Kids, I give you the Hidden Fashion icon of the week:

A fellow Bison, Michael Moody, has created the revolution of style; empowering the mind and creating messages designed to be the medicine. I was able to get in contact with this lovely artist and asked him a few questions about the brand and why:

Why the name, BLAK'D?
BLAK'D is about adversity before victory. "The lowest moment before the inevitable victory in the hero journey. The dark that creates appreciation for the light. This is that point, This is BLAK'D." 

Purpose on why BLAK'D started
BLAKD started out as a need to evolve. It started as the "BLAKD OUT Capsule Collection" for the first brand I started working on called Visually Submissive. I still work on Visually Submissive, but I wanted to do something more aggressive, and closer to my mind state.  

The mission of the clothing brand 
"BLAK'D is dedicated to the evolution of man. We are entering a new age where technology is dominant. We must Evolve Faster, Mentally, Spiritually, and Intellectually. To Understand the benefits of the light we most step into a period of darkness."

Your collections are dope. Could you give me a description on each article for your Spring Collection?

The Body is a Temple - 
This piece was designed with the women in mind, but it still remains universal. The body should be nurtured, not neglected

Elements of Change 1 -
 This piece is the first in the series.This a collage of various moments in history that created change.This piece in the series is based on equality

Question All -
This piece focuses on the fact that we should not let ourselves to be force-fed opinions.The Questions you ask yourself will in turn unlock your truths.

Fight for the Light - 
This piece was originally created for the BLAK'D Out collection. The message is simple. Fight for the change, the elevation... the light

Concise bio of yourself
My name is Michael Moody. I am a Howard University Alumnus (Fine Arts), from Richmond, VA. Destined to create since my birth.

What inspires you 
The Creators who came before me, not just of art but the ones of thought:
Malcolm X, MLK, Earl Nightingale, Walt Disney, Spike Lee, Marc Ecko, Jean Michel Basquiat, and my father he was super creative.
Music also plays a big role for me. Most of my friends make music. The Music I am hearing dictates my Art. Kanye west, Ab-Soul, Flatbush Zombies, Curren$y, and Tupac inspire me when I am in the Lab.

Indeed you were destined to create, fellow Bison. Your intellect and profoundness inspires us all. Thanks for being so dope, Moody. I like ya. Continue to do great things.

Check out BLAK'D at and shop Moody's products at

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