Recap: Amanda in GB

I told myself I would do better with publishing articles frequently. Of course, this program I'm enrolled in at Uni had me extremely preoccupied. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into the last few weeks of the term. I have to say it's been quite the journey.

Life for Amanda has never been so exciting and I find the multiple challenges and obstacles set my way very exhilarating. There has been so many sleepless nights, days of hunger and moments of debt I have experienced while here. However, nothing will be able to stop me. I was given the opportunity to pursue my destiny and become someone great; someone influential. No matter what setbacks try to distract me from the prize, I can assure my readers I am tackling and overcoming all negative energy with vivacious spirits and optimism. My faith and drive is what keeps me alive, what keeps me focused, and what keeps me happy.

The university has currently broke for Easter holiday so I have a few weeks to recollect and savior my energy. It's time to relax, refocus and most importantly, explore my destiny!

During these six weeks I have spent in England, I got to know Amanda and fell in love with her even more than before. I believe I have grown so much since I left Chicago. Although I find myself homesick and down at times, I recount my blessings and accomplishments seized thus far.

Through assignments delegated, projects presented, and market research, I have found myself being inspired through the many outlets of fashion. Whether it'd be Zara's efficient supply chain strategies or the feministic themes of Prada's S/S '14 RTW collection, I feel rejuvenated. Man, I love fashion!

And as I type this article, I find myself coming to tears. I now realize my life wouldn't be whole without fashion being apart of it.

Thank you all for reading, it means a lot.

Below you will find inspirational pictures keeping me from breaking down:

Because I know London's got its eye on me.

Because everyone needs a little Sports Luxe Gucci in life

Because the Power of Woman is what keeps the world whole.

 Because I hold the ammo and power to achieve.


  1. Oh you are so cute!! You deserve a lot!! The quotes are trully inspiring!! Thanks for sharing.. Keep it up!
    Maria xox

    1. Thank you so much! Your comment means a lot to me:)

  2. Precisely! I'm always in search of my next challenge or else life gets a bit drab! A thrill indeed. ;D

    <3 Carsla
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