CCP Collection: Blend In For WHAT?!

This post is dedicated to Nicole Updegraff, owner of Cotton Candy Playground. I recently purchased my first CCP sweatshirt from her website, Below is a photograph of the awesome merchandise:

I love it. There is so much power in the design of this graphic. The rebellion and defiance against societal standards is what makes this sweatshirt so great. To me, this sweatshirt is an inspiration to embrace who you are and not be afraid to show off your individuality (sounds familiar right?). She gives the shopper the option to choose what the fashionable leader can wear. Whether it'd be an afro, locs, or a high braided ponytail, you can have your Blend in for WHAT?! product made to your liking!

Oh but Ms. Nicole doesn't stop there. She has many more eclectic designs!
There's the Deeply Rooted Collection. She gives you the ability to customize and choose a rooted country.

There's the BOSS Collection:

And my second favorite collection: Flags Up:

Since I'm heading to England to study, it only makes sense for me to cop this as my next CCP item :)

Nicole's products are extremely affordable (My sweatshirt was $40 plus $5 shipping), you guys should definitely check it out!

Continue doing great things, Nicole!


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  1. Oh my goodness, definitely checking out her stuff right now. I love her designs!