Transformation Tuesday: Evolution of the High Top Fade

Welcome back! Today is Tuesday and time for you all to view the illustration of my Transformation.

As you all remember from the Summer, I cut my hair into the infamous hightop..

Please see below:


Now you all should know that didn't last long! I get so damn bored and love to switch it up on people when I feel they are getting to comfortable. I only had a few more looks since this picture.
......or six.

                                                            I did the hightop Jerri curl...

HighTop Senegalese:

Deep Wave Top:

 Back to the High Top:

Straight to the Bald Headed Babe:


My confidence is impeccable. Hence, the multiple transformations. I'm not afraid of change nor should you. Be Confident in your beauty. Don't Blend Your Image, Express It. I hope you enjoyed this time we shared together.

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