Deleay Lashay Jewelry

The evolution of Confidence and Poise is on the rise as young entrepreneur, Marissa Kendrick takes a creative, daring approach to start her own fashion brand. The name of her creative brand is entitled Deleay Lashay jewelry, a brand idolizing the idea of beauty amongst all women of society. Individuality epitomizes the meaning of true style. Keeping this concept in mind, Ms. Kendrick has created three different collections to illustrate her vision: 

Bossy: Defining domination and independence. Pieces to show the world you're the boss and no one is audacious enough to tell you any different! The pieces are bold and daring, by far my favorite collection.

Essence: Defining inner beauty and self-confidence. This collection is more serene but still have a defined presence. Below is a featured item:

Conversation: Pieces who speak individual emotions. They inform others who they are, how they feel, and what their destiny beholds. These are my second favorite due to the relation of my brand, FLES: Fashionable Leaders Exemplifying Self-Expression. This particular collection is for the ambitious zealot who isn't afraid to express who they are.

Her brand has already been acknowledged by well-known individuals such as Kenneth Cole, Keri Hilson and P.Diddy's Danity Kane! Be sure to check out Marissa Kendrick's wonderful (and affordable!) collections at http://www.

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