Lame Business Kid Moment

Yeah. That's right. You're viewing this correctly. These are the eight books I checked out my first day of class and the same eight books that will change my life indefinitely.

Looking at this pile of fashion business readings first hand might seem rather overwhelming and intimidating and believe me, it still is! However, I find these books rather enlightening and interesting to read. I've always been that student who finds visual learning and reading independently more effective than listening to a course director deliver a lecture for two hours. During my time at Howard University, I didn't enjoy my education. It could be due to the lack of interest for the actual topic (I mean who REALLY likes accounting?) or the lack of excitement from the course directors OR the fact that the readings were extremely difficult for me to read due to the lack of interest. (Or all of the above).

There was a reason why I was posting this...

Got it. So, basically, for you guys out there who want to pursue a career in operations of the fashion industry, these are the essential readings I totally recommend to look into as you embark on your journey to whatever you want to do! (They are ranked by my personal opinion). It's also no coincidence that all of the books listed are by Tim Jackson & David Shaw, both former lecturers at the London College of Fashion:
The irony this would be my number one. This text is probably one of my favorites due to the fact I know little to nothing about the fashion industry other than following trends and color of the year. It's a really informative text constructed to introduce the basis of retail fashion buying in the UK and insight into such practices across the industry. Topics such as the art of negotiation, the relationship between the buyer and the supplier, and a strong illustration of fashion seasons. It's extremely easy to read which is a plus since I get distracted easily.

I actually didn't rent out this text until a week after I started the course and MAN am I happy I finally got around to it. Of course, I learned about the principles of marketing at Howard but this eclectic text takes the basic of marketing and reconstructs it by relating the marketing theory to the fashion business context. All the basic marketing strategies like Porter's Five Forces, the BCG matrix and SWOT analysis are all explained in this text using fashion case studies. It's actually pretty awesome.

Also known as The Fashion Kid Bible. It's definitely for someone like me! (You know that someone...they long for Cherry Coke, enjoy looking at Cherry Coke adverts, but never actually got a full sip of Cherry Coke). The Handbook is a diverse text guiding its reader through the various aspects of the fashion business. From Fashion PR & Journalism to the nature of clothing & textiles, everything you need to begin your education in fashion is right here in this book.

That's it for now. I'll hopefully blog about some cool street fashion shortly. Back to reading I go!

Thanks for reading. 


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