The Evolution of Simply L3ve.

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My old friend/classmate, Michelle Gibson, is an inspiration to all aspiring artists and entrepreneurs. For two years (going on three in March), the young HU alumna launched her clothing line Simply L3ve. I enjoy her designs for their bold intricacy and lively look. Her apparel is contemporary and extremely fashion-conscious for her choice of material, colour and style are spot on! More importantly, I love her company for it is eco-conscious and focuses on the construction of sustainability in fashion apparel and lifestyle. All of her products are made from organic and natural fibres. It has to be one of the most intelligent, innovative ideas I have ever witnessed from my generation and watching Michelle blossom into a fashion icon has been a pleasure. 

Gibson's collections have had amazing exposure to the industry by being showcased in fashion events such as New York Fashion Week and DC Fashion Week. Simply L3ve is definitely about to prosper into something so huge, I can feel it! This is only the beginning of the evolution of Sustainable Apparel. Below are a few of my favorites by her from her most recent collection, Captured Dreams:

Pleated Dress (comes in various colors)

Pursuit Print Crop
Asymmetric High-Low Skirt

 The designer herself wearing my favorite piece, The Gardens of Infinity Printed Jersey Dress

Her new collection, Explosive Serenity, is due to launch on Facebook at Also, be sure to check out her website! 

Continue to do great things, Michelle! Your story and drive is an inspiration to us all! And thank you for reminding us to Dream Big because dreams do come true.

an old friend.

Amanda Moore

Find the story of Simply L3ve here:
A very intriguing and inspiring story of the designer's, journey.

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