"We are all a little weird and life's a little weird; And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual love and we call it love."
-Dr. Seuss

The kids from Austin like to say: The Weirder, The Better.

I have had the pleasure of staying connected with Vinca's designer, Amanda Dimova. Her quirky and daring designs have captivated me and quite frankly, I'm a huge fan! I've realized during the discovery of my character, I'm a bold young woman who loves to stand out. I love to be seen and I love to be the center of attention. (Call me self-centered but at least I acknowledge it). With that, I find myself wearing subtle apparel with a focal point in each outfit I wear. Whether it'd be a hot pink vinyl skirt or an emerald green velour blazer, it will always be complimented by simple elements such as a sheer black blouse or gray crew neck tee. I've decided to take a different approach. I've decided to incorporate jewelry into the mix.

This is where I introduce the designer, AMANDA DIMOVA, and her jewelry collection VINCA. I am so grateful to have receive two items from Dimova's collection. She's such a sweetheart and a true inspiration to all creative entrepreneurs. She started her business in 2006 and now her pieces are known worldwide.

Her pieces are extremely quirky and fun yet subtle. They are definitely a conversation piece and exude uniqueness. Below are my two favorites:

The Gems. So classic and simple. I've worn the necklace at least four times since I received it in the mail. Every time I wear it, I have someone asking me "Where did you get that, it's really cute?" [I always loved promoting for my fellow fashion fanatics]. :)
**Priced at $44USD

Keys to my Heart. Each key of this necklace spells out the word L O V E and I think it is like the CUTEST thing. By the clasp of the necklace hangs the opening of a lock. Stepping into London, I wore the necklace for symbolic reasons. It only felt right to wear a piece spelling out the words LOVE while landing into the place I've longed for. Or is it just me?
**Priced at $48USD

{Both necklace can be ordered in either birch wood or mirror silver acrylic. All products are manufactured in-house in Austin, TX.}

If I were to construct a pen portrait of the VINCA USA consumer, I'd probably say the following:

Charlie is a young fourteen year old girl who loves being herself, who longs for the day she is in college to discover her true personality, and who craves the days where she will be able to wine and dine with her girlfriends after her amazing 9-5 shift at The Blanton Museum of Art. She's into weirdly awesome music like Eurythmics, SBTRKT, and Sampha. Charlie is a high school student who is seen as an outcast for her quirky personality but is loved by her friends for her confidence and fun character. She likes to have girly sleepover with friends, blog about cool things she sees in magazines, and read for self-fulfillment.

Of course, this is just my interpretation.

More of Dimova's jewelry can be found at

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