The Night I Fell In Love with a Guy Named Camden...

Just kidding I was in Camden Town, London haha

I got out of class a tad earlier than anticipated and I knew I wouldn't be able to go directly into studying after four hours of lecturing. I didn't know what exactly I wanted to do but I knew I needed a break from the books. So what do I decide on? The one thing I have been yearning to do since I set foot in this town. The one thing my good friend, Nia Groce, has been DYING for me to go have a look at.

I ventured off into Camden Town.

Literally the minute I stepped outside of the exit of the Tube, I suffered from cardiac arrest (I guess that's how it feels when you fall in love? Not entirely sure.)

You know how you have those dreams of being in a place where everything you find appealing was all in one spot? Food, vintage shops, trendy retailers? No? Is that just me? Well, anyway, that's how it was for me when I walked the streets of Camden Town. There were vintage shops literally EVERYWHERE and every shop had at least two items I practically gawked over! 

(I'm pretty sure I would have gotten lost in there.)

Let us not forget some favorite stores of mine, Allsaints and Urban!

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  1. Camden market is where I need to go shopping :)